dropped my rooted motorola droid & now it doesn't turn on. desperate for suggestions


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Aug 13, 2010
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hey guys... I've had my motorola droid since February. Unfortunately, today while I was walking I dropped my phone and now it won't turn back on. There's no noise, nothing sounds loose, no apparent physical damage, and since my sister has the same phone I tried replacing it with her battery but no luck. Actually the white light will light up if I plug it in. Here's the problem... I have no insurance and even better, my phone is rooted. Yes, I am a dumbass. I've done some research on the forums of people that have had similar problems and most of the answers say you're basically screwed. I've yet to see any answers as to possible causes or suggestions to disassemble the phone. Does anyone know, if disassembling/reassembling the phone could possibly help? I appreciate any suggestions. :(