Droidx Software Update Causes Dead Pixels For The Camera And Camcorder Applications?


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Jul 17, 2010
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My DroidX was working for the few days with no dead pixels on any of the menu screens, none on any of the software applications, and none on the Camera or Camcorder applications.

On Tuesday afternoon I downloaded and installed the DroidX 1.13.604 Software Update.

My DroidX now has some dead pixels that appear only in the Camera and Camcorder applications, and not in any of the other applications or menu items.

Since the dead pixels only occur in the Camera and Camcorder applications, could it be a software related bug or mayme something else?

Anyone else have the same or similar problems?


i saw them on my phone too. There's 2 of them in my case, but it doesnt bother me that much because its a software problem that will get sorted out later. They dont appear anywhere but the camera screens.
I have this problem as well. Hope they fix this in the next firmware update or froyo update. At least it is not bad pixels in the screen itself. KNOCK ON WOOD
Very odd. I did not notice it till this post when I checked and sure enough there is a dead pixel when using the camera app that does not appear in other screens. Very strange.
Try rebooting that made mine go away.

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I have 3 dead pixels when in camera/video mode. 1 red, 1green, 1 yellow or white i can't tell. Tried reboot and it returns.