Droid X pushed to Aug 31st...... any news???


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Aug 18, 2010
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I ordered my Droid X on the 14th and was told that my DX would ship "by" the 31st of August.... I know that they are shipping most everyones earlier than that!! Has anyone gotten an email with shipping or know if they will be shipping early, as I cannot get verizon to tell me anything other than the ship by date.... THANKS
there are MANY threads for this. most of the DXs seem to be shipping and being received about a week later after receiving.

also, :welcome:
Thats Great!! Although I am still unsure why they were not ready for the supply and demand of this phone, I am ready to get mine and am hoping that I get mine early! :)
I believe the X got pushed up on release to ease supply issues with the Incredible. Now both are back ordered....guess we are just all too hungry for the latest Android goodies.
If it helps, mine took 12 days. Ordered 8/5, received yesterday, 8/17. Seems like what I was reading as average based on forum posts I read as I impatiently waited for my phone.
12 days huh?? I really hate playing the waiting game, but ultimately have no choice!! I am hoping sooner than later, but at least I am getting the phone, so I will take what I can get!!
Yeah, it sucked. Although, now I'm overwhelmed as this is my first smart phone.

Did you order online? I ordered in the store, so I didn't get next day shipping. That might get it to you a day sooner, at least.

I ordered mine over the phone with Verizon... I never go through the store, as my experience has led me to the fact that they take longer with everything!!

So I just spoke to verizon after getting off the phone with a friend who switched from ATT to Verizon on 8/14 and ordered the same phone... Her phone was delivered TODAY!!!!! So I called verizon and asked attacked them in the sweetest way that I could. Asked them if they have priority problems with phones instead of first come first serve. "Manager" informed me that it is first come first serve and that my friend is probably just lying or pulling my leg. So here I am at my house with my friend looking at her new DX..... WTH verizon????? No priority huh?!?!?!?! Not too happy right now to say the VERY least!!!:icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil::icon_evil:
ordered mine the 14th, got the shipping notice today, getting it on monday
Where in the US are you located.... It seems by reading the forums that certain areas are receiving theirs before others.... But I am excited to hear that I am one step closer to seeing my DX!!!
I want to say I ordered mine around 8/05 or something close to that. I know I got mine earlier than the ship date. I got mine on 8/17 (Tuesday)....

They also said that the phones are generally shipping out a week before the ship date.. Just take notice of the ship date when you order, because the site will push it out on their page.. But, it at least gives you an idea of when to expect it. Hind sight 20/20, wish I ordered online earlier.. I was trying to wait to get it in-store, but finally game up and ordered online instead.
Ordered mine on the 9th, currently on vacation hopefully recieved a note from fedex by the time I get back, probably not though ordered in store, mistake.