Droid x mic no voice


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Jul 22, 2010
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Hey I just got my Droid X the other day and everything was/is working fine. Apps running smoothly, etc. however today I tried to make a call and realized that the person on the other line cannot hear me at all. Only through speakerphone am I able to talk to that person. I know that I can most likely go to Verizon and get another one with my warranty but they are backordered for a while I'm assuming. I rebooted a few times, took out the battery, and then even reset to factory settings. Nothing worked. Is it a defect in the phone or software. Basically I want to know whats going on and if any one is having similar problems.
could be something wrong with the phone. go back to verizon and get a replacement
Had exactly the same thing happen to my new Droid x. Actually it happened twice. The first time, I called Verizon and was told to do the usual "Remove and reinstall the battery". Then I was instructed to dial *228, option 2 I think, and reinstall the software I assume. The phone started working. Then today the voice from my end failed again. Again I called Verizon and again was given the same instructions. After making it known that this was not acceptable, I was connected to a "technician". After a lengthy discussion, he agreed that the phone was defective and it would be replaced under warranty. As everyone probably already knows, the Droid x is on backorder. Am hoping this is not a frequent issue.
I had factory reset twice and took out the battery before that to no avail. I also called Verizon Tech Support today, who were very helpful btw, and said that a new phone will be shipped in one to two business days after also deeming the phone to be defective. I know they are backordered however she says I should expect my replacement next week.

I just was going out of my mind with this because even though it had just hit the market no one else was really complaining about this on forums or anything and I am relieved that this may be an issue with the phone and not the software. Also glad that the response I got from Verizon was not "then don't hold it that way....." and them sending me a free case for my troubles ignoring the real issue :)
Just started experiencing this same issue at lunch...

sigh, phone has been perfect so far too.

I had the same issue last week for an entire day.
...no one could hear me during a call unless I switched to speaker mode...

The next day it was working fine.

Now I'm experiencing the problem again. It's going on the 3rd day this time.

Turned off...took battery out...just tried the *228 route...no go.

I bought the phone at Costco. I'll take a trip there and see if they can help before calling Verizon support.
I am actually receiving a new Droid X Wednesday. They must have some in stock for those that have the phone already in case anything goes wrong such as this problem. Love the phone however its not being that much of a "phone" right now. I would just try to call tech support, no hassle, they just tested to see if they could hear me when off of speakerphone, I called from a landline, and after no voice was heard they put in an order for the new phone.
Same Problem. Brand new phone, 2 days old.

I tried using an apple iphone plug in headset, I couldn't get the mic with that. Then used the one that came with the phone, but when I took it out, the mic was not working on the phone unless I am on speaker.

In fact, I cannot even hear the call at all unless it's on speaker, so my mic and ear speaker on the phone are both disabled unless on speaker setting.

Really annoying.

I did download advanced task killer and wonder if that might be doing something.
It appears, on mine, to be the phone's noise canceling feature.

If I cover up the other two mics, then the other person can begin to hear me.
When I uncover them, they can no longer hear me unless using speaker phone mode.

So, if there was a way to disable that. But, that's not a viable option.

I'm going on 3 weeks with this phone, so I need to call support...not looking forward to that.
Well I wiped the whole phone and it didn't help...they are sending a new one.
I purchased mine on the first day available at Costco. No waiting. Worked fine first day. Second day no mic. Went back to Costco after calling tech support. Tech said could not fix. Costco replaced my broken phone with a new one within 20 minutes. Have been extremely satisfied.
Finally took it to a Verizon store. They did all their little tricks...couldn't get it to work to 'their' satisfaction. I say 'their' because the employees at the store were excellent with customer support. They did a couple test calls between the employees with my phone and the guy said the quality of the call was not good enough for him...even though it was a little better after doing all the resets.
So they called Verizon and a replacement was shipped out.
I've had it for a week now and its working great so far.
Droid 2 has same problem

I got my new Droid 2 on 12 August. I used by Bluetooth for a while, but as soon as I tried making a regular call, the mic would noot work unless I used speakerphone. On occiasion it would work. I took it into the Verizon shoip and could not duplicate the problem. They tried to blame my hardshell/holster. Then they recommended a factory reset. I played with it for a few more days and did the factory reset -- still have the problem.

Called Verizon, explained the problem and they are sending out a new phone.

The Droid 2 is a great mobile computer -- just wish I could make calls.
Vibrate only

Spoke to Verizon yesterday and was able to download Froyo. Then they said to do a factory reset. With much trepidation, I did, but only after making a copy of each of the pages of my downloaded apps. Did the reset and was able to reinstall all of the apps I had previously including the ones I had purchased. Lo and behold, the ringer now works. Did also download Ringdroid and proceeded to customize my ring tone. All is well. I hope that helps.
Not so fast!!

Just spoke with Verizon and they have pulled the ad. Was only sent to a selected few and now has been pulled. Possibly some marketing tool to see what kind of response they would get. So bottom line no additional discounts.