Droid X Dock Released! MIKRADLE EVOLUTION X Available Now!


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Nov 26, 2009
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MIKRADLE Has Released Their Latest Model. For More Details See Here: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/mi...mikradle-releasing-new-evolution-x-model.html

MIKRADLE EVOLUTION X Series models are currently selling for an "introductory special pricing" of $31.99 until midnight, Sunday. After that, the price will be $34.99. These prices do not include the 6' MicroUSB cable, that needs an additional $3.00 to both prices. They are available in black, white, cherry, walnut, mahogany and oak. As usual, shipping is free.

To buy, send a PayPal payment to my account name: [email protected] Be sure to include which color you want, a current shipping address and your registered forum member name. Be sure to add an additional $3.00 if you want the cable. Be aware that shipping for orders at this time will go out next Wednesday, August 11th. This shipping date may be extending pending the volume of orders coming in, which appear to be escalating as the weekend approaches. So, wait times for shipping (at the current rate coming in) may increase to 7-10 days or more.

For those wishing to see photos, these will be posted tomorrow (Saturday) evening. Meanwhile, there is no significant difference between this X model and the standard, other than the inlay (changed from a horizontal stripe to an "X" inlay). Overall, it is also slightly wider and higher, and the left side of the backrest is recessed @3/16" for the camera protrusion on the upper portion of the Droid X back. This enable it to lie flat when placed on the cradle. Naturally, this backrest work is much more detailed than the standard model. Note that this X model does include a magnet (standard) for the multimedia mode.

Many of you are contacting me through the eBay system rather than directly here (PM) or my e-mail address (mikey06@optonline.net). Be aware that no discounts are offered through eBay, and the price there will be much higher when I start listing the MIKRADLE EVOLUTION X Series there over the weekend. I am staying loyal to the forums by offering my new models to members here several days before beginning listings on eBay, and with discounted prices. Bottom line, please do not contact me through eBay messaging if you want a forum discount...

NOTE: For those e-mailing or PM'ing me - please have patience. It may take up to 24 hours now at the current pace for me to respond to you. I'm being absolutely deluged with mail. Since I respond personally to each and every mail, it's becoming impossible for me to get back to everyone within minutes or even hours. It may take a while - but I will get back to each and everyone of you. Those who have placed orders, you will receive a verification of the order as well as an estimated shipping date, but it may take 24 hours before you receive it (e-mail response). At about 6:00 tonight I will have responded to all orders taken up to Thursday at noon time. The rest of the orders up to noon today will have a response by midnight tonight. The rest after noon today may not be until tomorrow morning.

I'd like it if I could have had an automatic response to orders, but until my website is up, personal "one on one" is in effect. I truly prefer this anyway. The forums have been a great place building up relations with buyers, and speaking to each through e-mail has made the personal experience a more pleasurable one for me. Thanks again - mikey :)

EVOLUTION X Series Artist Rendering: