Droid X Audio/Video Sync Problems


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Aug 16, 2010
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I have had an iPhone for the last four years. I recently switched to Verizon/DroidX and at first I really liked it. Then I started encountering bugs with the phone... the smart profile ringer shutoff permanently turning the ringer off until a hard reset, weak and unreliable wi-fi connection and signal, and now my most recent one... audio video syncing. Any video played on this phone will lose sync when I manually seek to a different time point in the video or pause the video. I have tried several players and they all do the same thing. Anybody know a fix for this? I'm so close to taking this phone back, at least I know what I'm getting with an IP4, a phone that works (with a bumper) and crappy att service.
I am having the same problem, video is not sync'd to the audio, with any player... YouTube (Google lastest version), RockPlayer (latest version) and so on. Is it a hardware issue that I need to exchange the phone for?

Anybody with the same problem find a solution?

Have you tried overclocking or keeping like 50mb mem free with jrummy's oc app? I had probs like that, but rock player worked the best for syncing & skipping forward in movies. Or try fabolous' apex rom... Keeps mem free with the internal os & is smooth like butter.

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