Droid X and tethering


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Apr 23, 2010
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On my previous incredible I was able to use the pre-installed 3G Hotspot without being charged. I found on a forum by going to the edit menu (##778 with 000000 as password), then into Security settings, and changing S.IP DUN User name to yourvzwnumber@vzw3g.com, then going to M.IP Default Profile and changing your DUN NAI to yourvzwnumber@vwz3g.com. Does anybody know if this works on the X? Or where to find that menu?

I had an Incredible before I got the X. going into that menu and making the changes on the Dinc were fast and easy. Unfortunately the X does not offer the same menu options. There was another setting on the Dinc in the same menu about the phone loading as a CD when connected via 'Mass Storage'. I called tech support and Moto saying that I couldn't stop it from loading the web page and thought it might have something to do with that CD setting like the Dinc had. No such luck finding any menu option for it.

Next best thing... Root