Droid X/2 bootloader Freedom?

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Dec 23, 2009
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We should know today if reports over the forums this week turns out to be true or hot air. Follow: FreeMyMoto for uptodate news. Not to get any one hyped up, but an unlocked droid X and droid 2 could change the game.
Its been some debate wether its legit or not. Waiting to see a lil proof.
Well for what it's worth, Moto responded very rapidly with a C&D.
sitting on a Droid 1... tempted by the TB... if this turns out to be true, I'll definitely be looking at the DX again - don't need 4G causing my phone to need a charge 3 times a day!
I believe and just my opinion, but this could take the DX over the top! With the huge screen plus all the benefits of an unlocked bootloader why pick up any other device (bolt, bionic) until dual core phones become the standard.

Sooooooooo excited.
True, but I think TBH and P3 have the moto bullsyeye on them where any time they breathe they get a C&D. But with that said Moto would not issue a C&D unless they felt some one was either close or actually made it happen. My concern is we finally get here and they send out an update to update the bootloader closing the exploit. TBH continue what you do, I am pulling for you.
I'm assuming this will be integrated into ROMs and not have to be done manually. Frankly, I trust the talent of people like Drod2169 over myself any day. That being said, I do hope its true. I'd love to see the potential unlocked for my already amazing phone.
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