Droid X 2.2/Flash 10.1 Rollout?


Aug 18, 2010
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Long Island, NY.
So I'm a newb at all this, probably a couple dozen threads on this so I apologize in advance, just looking for a few quick answers.

So am I correct in saying we are suppose to get the 2.2/flash 10.1 update sometime in September?

I was under the impression that Droids support flash, and Iphones do not, however on my new Droid X Ive been to many websites and unable to view what I want b/c my phone does not have flash 10.1

So I assume when the phone gets 10.1 I'll be able to view all these sites/videos that I'm currently unable to?

Thanks in advance.
no set time. but yes we WILL be getting it. when? no one knows. we will be getting 2.2 and flash. all the droids just got 2.2 and flash is coming soon to those also
2.2 will support Flash when it comes out in a few weeks.

No Flash until then