Droid Wont Ring?


Nov 20, 2009
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My Droid, for some reason, will not ring. I have some ringtones set up and it used to work perfectly, but I just got a few new ones and called my phone. Would you believe it worked for about a second and then the phone switched over to vibrate? I heard a small part of the ringtone then it started vibrating. What in the World is going on?
I figured out what was wrong with it. My ringer volume was set louder than my ringtone volume in Settings, so once I cranked up the ringtone volume to the max it rings again.

Thats a nice feature, if your ringtone is too loud the phone will switch to vibrate.
Hey NVash, could you please elaborate on what you did?

I can swear that on a couple of occasions, my phone did not ring, and I got missed calls because of that. I've had that happen twice today. However, when I've tried to make it happen by calling my phone from other phones, it rang everytime.

In the phone's Settings, I only see Ringer Volume, and I don't see a Ringtone Volume anywhere. What's this ringtone volume you are referring to?
On the Home Screen hit Menu, Settings, Sound & Display, Ringer Volume. Fill that bar up, thats how loud your ringtone can get. If its anything like mine, yours is on really low. I took mine to a notch below full so now mine rings again. Thats the first one. You dont need to be in Settings for the second one, Ringer Volume. Just hit the Up or Down button on the side of the phone. Thats the volume and when youre just on the Home Screen it should adjust your Ringer Volume. Fix that to however loud you want it.

Now with this fixed your phone should ring.
Thanks for the help, Nvash. However, the Ringer Volume in the settings menu is the same thing as using the rocker on the Home Screen. Try using the rocker while you have the menu setting open.

The help is appreciated though!
No problem, sorry about that. Did you get it to work?