droid will not pair with ford sync


Oct 28, 2009
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They find each other, but when I enter the code the droid cuts me off and says there is a problem. This phone does not want to cooperate on anything with me. This should be straight forward. Any ideas? Does the droid not work with Ford sync? I know it does not support blue tooth dialingm but it should carry the sound.
I was able to pair my Droid with the Sync in my F150. I had the issues where it would 'cut me off' when entering the pin a few times, but I finally typed it in quick enough and it paired fine.
The problem seems to be that Sync displays a 6-digit PIN but Droid only supports 4-digit PINs and will cut you off after entering 4 digits. When you see the PIN displayed on Sync use your steering wheel control to scroll to the right and it should show a few different PINs you can try, on my Focus it allowed me to use 0000 or 1234. After pairing you can download the phonebook like you normally would, but I haven't tried voice dialing.
Voice dialing works without any issues. No buttons to hit on the phone or anything like that to get it to connect to the BT.
BAM!!!! Done!! Thank You! My first real success with

the Droid. Little bastard has been giving me a hard time, but now I feel a renewed sense of hope. At least until my next email problem.:icon_eek::icon_eek: The Sync works great with the phne and it DOES support bluetooth dialing from the Ford Sync. Awesome.
Good to hear that voice dialing works. I wonder why it works with Sync but not with other bluetooth devices?
I paid $108 (tax included) for my DROID... I thought that I did saved a lot... now, I'm thinking of buying a new Ford car just to test out SYNC!:icon_eek:
LOL! I love the Sync system. I have it in both my wife's car and my truck. I couldnt live without it at this point.

@Donsell - My guess as to why it works with Sync and not others is because the voice recognition part is actually handled through Sync and not through the phone itself. I speak my voice commands to the sync systems ("Call Home"), the system accepts my command ("Calling Home") and then through the BT it sends the number to the phone and thats what initiates the dial. Does that make sense because I think I confused myself. :)
I'm a car salesman at a Ford dealership, and I had work right after I bought my phone last Saturday. You can bet I tried SYNC!
I didn't have any problem on a 2010 system, and I was even able to play audio wirelessly through the stereo.
Now I just need to sell some more cars so I can buy a Mustang GT.
Anyone in the Greensboro area looking for a car? :icon_wink:
not connecting!

Can someone tell me HOW they got their droid to connect to ford sync?! I got the droid about two weeks ago and before that I had an LG Envy (the second one). I had the envy when i got the car so the dealership did the syncing but it was pretty easy. With my droid, i have not been able to get them to connect. THe bluetooth is on, on the droid and I hit the phone key in the car and it says connecting but says "no bluetooth device found". I have 2008 focus so do i need to update my sync system or am i doing something wrong? People have also made comments on here about putting in a pin number?

Sorry for the long-winded message but I need to get this thing synced.. i dont like talking on the phone while driving.

Thanks for any help!!!

I have the droid with sync in a Lincoln MKX, it works perfectly but it hijacks all of the sounds. Was using turn by turn navigation but when I started the car no sound. Had to turn on the media select bluetooth and the directions came through the cars system. Any one else find this ?
This is great! This was my only issue with buying one. Now that I know it will work with Sync, I'm getting one! The only question I have is whether or not you can leave it in your pocket or do you have to take it out so it can pair? My Blackberry connects as soon as the radio powers up, no matter where I have the phone.
Have a Lincoln MKX. My Droid syncs as soon as I turn on the key. Normally the Droid is in a hip clip or my jacket pocket. If I am travelling I plug it into the USB slot to charge it.