Droid will not connect to Paired BT headset


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Jan 26, 2010
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Hey all,

So, my Droid pairs fine at first with my Jabra VBT2050 headset. Usually I connect every morning, then at night I charge them, and in the morning I find I have to connect them again. After about a week, this stops working. When I go to Settings > Wireless > Blutooth, and long-touch the device, and click 'connect', it simply does nothing. If I long-touch and go to 'options', I find that both 'connect' and 'phone audio' are unchecked. If I check them, exit, and go back to options, I find that they both appear unchecked again.

If I unpair the headset, I cannot pair them again... except that a few days later on a random attempt, they will. Then the cycle starts all over. I'm good for about a week.

Any idea what's happening? This may be my fault for buying the cheapest headset. Thanks!

- Bret
Droid won't connect to VBT2050

I have the same problem, but it's worse. So far, I have only been able to actually get into two phone calls with the ear piece working. Both times, it cut out and audio returned to the handset. Maybe on one try out of 10 I can actually get it to connect in the Bluetooth settings, but it only lasts for a matter of seconds. I keep seeing "Paired but not connected".

Have you been able to overcome this yet?