droid vs storm


Nov 5, 2009
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chicago burbs

98% of droid rocks storm to the ground. here are some of the negatives.
no bluetooth support for voice dial/commands.
however the speaker phone input for these commands are good to excellent. command keywords are different so it takes some getting used to. if your contacts include both first and last names you will need to say them both and also (home work mobile)
otherwise it has full bt support. you can answer and end calls with your bt, but you cannot wake up phone or vad with bt button.

when using both bt voice and bt media, voice will interupt media but may not restore media connection. there may be a fix in market place try bluetooth + headphones.... app

no dedicated phone answer and end keys.
you will get used to it and the phone app opens way faster than bb.

useless google search hard key...unless you google search all day... and no convenience keys to configure...
you will get used to it.

3 homescreens sounds like a lot, but with the amount of app space you will soon fill it up fast.you can create folders and fill them up!!.

there are many little quirks that seem redundent...however there are hundreds of fixes and options available in marketplace..
some cool helpfull free apps to try:

stay awake and screen on widget... controls locking,and sleeping
flexillis mobile security...virus and malware,backup and lost phone locator
not call log prefs!!!!! very cool set where your phone goes after a call
internal memory widget.....(meterberry like/available mem widget) no need to ever reset this phone because of memory leaks.
bluerss...blows viigo away!!!!!!! you can use simple keywords to find feeds!
widgets widgets widgets. all updating on your homescreen. so many available you will soon run out of real estate.

this is just to name a few.

have fun!!!!!
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Nov 7, 2009
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My main issues, coming from the Storm II, is that I can't accept calendar invites via email (.ics files), I can't import vcard files that are email attachments (I get these every day as client's I must call on, muy importante) and I don't have auto-text (NOT auto-correction, auto-text). Those are the only ways in which the BB is necessary for me as a biz tool and why this beautiful Droid might have to go back to VZW so I can operate M-F and not get fired.