Droid vs. Iphone video recording.


Nov 8, 2009
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This has been my main complaint with the Droid since I purchased it. Take a look at the lighting level of the Droid vs. the Iphone during recording (same during regurlar camera too). It's so dark you would never know what you're looking at. Please tell me there will be a fix for this. :-( Btw, both phones were at their default settings. I did try different settings on the Droid to brighten up during recording but it didn't make a difference.
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I do agree with this, i'm hoping this is one of the things that gets fixed on the update.
My LG chocolate 3 took better video/pictures than my droid does. With the technology available today its unacceptable that it's so poor. The guys who first tested it must of been laughing... I can't take close up's, its doesn't focus well, and like your test shows- terrible lighting. Hopefully there will be a fix- SOON!
Oh wow that is a HUGE difference.

Hopefully its fixed via software (just bump up the ISO usually), because the camcorder in lighted areas is REALLY good.
Seeing as the update for dec.11th is dealing with camera issues, i am hoping this is part of the update. I agree with technology the way it is, something this bad is terrible.
If the video camera on the droid had a manual aperature overide, you could simply open up the aperature and let more light in. Maybe the TV that appears to be the dominant light source in the room is confusing the camera???

When it is in the auto aperature mode, the camera does all the thinking for you and sometimes it is incorrect as you have shown.

Is there an App for more control of the video and camera settings?