Droid Shatter Boot Animation


Nov 22, 2009
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Colorado, USA
awesome! what do you think of it? You're the first besides me that i know are using it.

Sorry, went to bed right after I saw I work.

I messed with it this morning and actually went back to the shattered boot animation from the original post of this thread. Reason being that the red eye seemed to go with the theme of the boot better and I like the fire on the third screen. It's a VERY cool touch and looks amazing. I like blue and before this had the blue Droid X eye like what you used so I do like that eye the best but with this particular boot I think red just goes better, if that makes sense. I think the perfect boot animation for me anyway would be the one at the beginning of this thread with the flames at the end but instead of the original Droid eye it would have the new Droid X eye in red to match the previous two screens in front of the flames. I like the newer Droid X eye because it has more detail and looks cooler to me anyway. Your boot animation is cool for sure though, just giving some constructive criticism as to why I went back to the other one.