Droid sending texts with random characters when unattended


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Aug 30, 2010
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I've got two Droids; one rooted with BB v.04 (mine) and one not rooted (my wife's). We both have this intermittent problem where our Droid's will spaz out and do strange things while unattended; send texts with random characters, create and edit tasks in Astrid with random characters, update Facebook, and even make phone calls in the middle of the night.

The latest example, today my wife was texting me while I was using AIM on a pc. In the middle of the conversation she complained her keyboard (SwiftKey) was slow and then the next few texts received looked like this...

Carolyn: ŒòwDG—Aâ7?þnƒÞfPB—Ãr:(Z»ßwPDL“Ý':¨]»AawžŽN»Ï q”¦»@*à
Carolyn: <
Carolyn: M.ƒÌòw$.§ÝgÐ
Carolyn: <
Carolyn: =^³@*ä©¢£Ë tO—çtPúd/ƒÊö²$.—Ý*°›JÓç vX~.³ó r½¢¿AùwÝ%A
Carolyn: äå0›? …Û*ù[.σèo:l/ƒêpPþ]w @IÐ==Gƒ’*ñ»Î
Carolyn: &
Carolyn: ƒäåq˜ÍÑÑeÐýf—AttÚ}Íßü®³É x?JÓAô7H^žÓ]

This kind of jumbled up text is consistent with what we've both seen in the past. It seems like there is something that's creating bad input, but I can't determine what.

We both have Handsent installed and I suspect that it's too blame since there always bogus outgoing text messages involved. I suspected SwiftKey at first and removed it on mine for a number of weeks but my phone had one of these crazy spells one night without SwiftKey so I went back to using it.

Anybody seen this before? Need any more info to help diagnose?