Droid screen problems! help!


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Jul 12, 2010
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So about a month ago (maybe longer) I was using my droid (droidlight) to light up how much coolant I had left in my car. Well while I was pouring some more coolant in, some of it touched my droid. I believe it hit the screen. It wasn't a ton of coolant just enough to where I noticed there was any on their. Now I wiped it off and everything wa good till the next day. Anytime now that any kind of moisture gets near my screen, my screen goes crazy. Acts like someone is randomly touching, pushing, scrolling, zooming, throughout the phone. Even just a little bit of sweat from being in my pocket while running will screw it up. After a few hours (sometimes up to six) the phone is fine.

I'm not sure what to do, verizon won't help because the warranty was voided beause the phone was purchased through craigslist. I really like this phone and don't want (can't) to pay for a new one!

Any advice at all is greatly appreciated!