droid screen black after fell on water help please

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Jul 16, 2010
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it was raining today nd my droid fell on a big puddle , i took my battery out, and put it back in, no luck the screen was black only the keyboard lights were still working and i had a new txt message so my indicator was shining green, but the screen is still black, i took out da battery and sd card and i put everything in the sunlight but no luck, so i put it in a bowl of rice but nothing, i cant get it replaced becuz my dad wudd be pissed at me cuz it wud be the 4th time i will return it so plz help me guys
I don't know. But, this happened to my dads droid too. Almost the exact same thing. The menu and all those buttos light up wen I turn on the screen and i get tactical vibration if I touch the screen to try to unlock it, but its just staying black. We've tried all the same stuff. I don't think its fixable.
ddats exactly whats happening to mine whats yur dad doing about it?
Didn't you start a thread a earlier today saying you purposely put the water on it to clean it off?

Take the battery and sd card out, and LEAVE them out at least overnight. I'd recommend getting silica gel to soak up the water that may have seeped inside. after a couple of days, try turning it on, more than likely it will work again.
or set it on fire, water hates fire... :) (reposted from the earlier thread)

follow the steps that anuraj1 just said, then give it a try. no more copy pasta please :D
Earlier you said you intentionally put water on it and now you dropped it into a puddle? :huh:

Stop trying to turn your phone on. Take it apart and remove the battery. Let it sit for a day or two, at least, to dry out. Trying to start up a wet phone is only going to fry it faster.
or set it on fire, water hates fire... :) (reposted from the earlier thread)

I still can't stop laughing at that line haha.

Droidboi12: we are all here to help you, but you've gotta tell us the truth and you have to follow our instructions. Like Lorelai said, if you keep trying to turn your phone on while there is still water in it, you are going to fry that phone.

it was either that or "kill it with fire"

because, hey, your first option should always be throw a fireball at it
We're the mario brothers, and plumbings our game...found a secret warp zone while working on a drain...

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