Droid Scheduler (generic and/or BB) Questions


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Apr 16, 2010
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The questions are at the end but I'll give a little background since I rarely post anything here:

I've been following BB threads for a long time, and have used it with good luck a number of times. At the moment, I'm running a generic 2.2 that I've customized a bit and am just about completely happy with.

In my history is a lot of time being a part of the Linux kernel development group, firefox, and x.org, so I know my way around the generic Linux world but that isn't helping me here.

My question is about task scheduling, not about any of the task apps, or anything else, just how the droid, and BB if it is similar, does it's go/nogo decision process during a) boot, and b) runtime, as to whether to crank up a task or not. (or an app if that makes more sense).

On linux, this would be a result of a combination of a) inittab, b) content of /etc/init.d/rcNN.d/* based on runlevel, and c) 'crontab' and things like that.

On linux on the droid, I can see some services being kicked up at start if I monitor it using "#ps" right after boot. I don't see any of the traditional mechanisms for getting these things going so I don't understand the following:

What starts (for example):

1) Visual VM
2) Handcent (a market app)
3) messaging (with no incoming or outgoing messages)
4) and the other 20 or so apps that are all cranked up and eating a little memory each at bootup. The apps started are things without widgets and are apps I downloaded from the market. I see no reason for them to be running at all unless I run them. It appears random but pretty much the same 20 culprits are out there after each reboot.

I've torn through the contents of the various init.* files and /etc/*.conf files and I can't see where this happens from.

What I'd like is for some of these services / apps to *not* start unless I want to actually use them. I don't want to use task-killers after the fact, or do it manually, so any information on how this happens (so I can figure out how to undo some of it) would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks very much in advance,