Droid Quotes


Jul 4, 2010
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USA - Kentucky
Hey I just wanted to start a thread about the Droid Quotes from the Verizon and Motorola commercials. If you have a cool quote that you think would be awesome, please post it.

Here is a few of the Quotes from the Commercials:

1) "In a world that doesn't, Droid Does."

2) "When there's no limit to what Droid gets. There's no limit to what Droid does."

3) "Droid swaps 70 functional vanities for a bare knuckle bucket of does"

4) "Everything iDont, Droid does."

5) Where there's no end to what Droid can do. There's no end to what Droid does."

6) Droid Incredible, Nothing short of its name."

7) Droid Eris. The Droid that is connected as you."

8) You don't need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you. Droid Eris."

9) Its not a princess, its a robot. A phone that trades Hair-do for can-do. Droid Does."

Thats just the ones I seen on the commercials. Tell me if you know any or make up one. Thanks.