Droid Plugged In Charger Error


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Feb 23, 2010
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The Moto droid is not showing any signs of it being charged but it is charging. The battery sign on the right top corner doesn't show a lightning nor the side of the phone light is lit up. When i connect the moto droid to the comp, nothing appears to be showing. no signs of new device connected, no notification saying i should mount, and no light lit up. I also took out the SD card when i unmonted it. I Put the sd card into an microsd adapter and the comp cannot read the sd card. but when i insert the sd card back into the moto droid i can access the sd card. I have turned off the phone, took the battery out, placed it back in, rebooted and nothing fixed the problem. This problem occured when i was putting music into my droid when i mounted it, after the files were done transferring. i unmounted it and unplugged it from the comp. then i went to go charge my phone and i noticed no light was lit up on the side and charging sign didn't show. Also my moto droid is rooted.

Can anyone help me with this problem?