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Nov 9, 2009
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Orlando, Florida
So since the release of the Droid I have been doing som research on it and found it to be a better phone for many many reason's!

So lastnight after work I stoped in to see a Manager I know at the VZN store in Orlando. I ended up taking home a DROID!!!!

I love everything about it and how fast/responsive it is compaird to my last few phones. I have yet to have any issues (I lied, it randomly rebooted when I was playing with the google turn-by-turn) with it so far.

I had a Black Berry Storm before this and the Storm I hated with a passion, then Titanium Voyager>LG Chocolate( then some really really crappy phones )

Hope to make some new friends on the DF's

Heya Blink182peps

GRATZ on Having a DROID...i cant tell u how much i want my one....but iw tont be released b4 december :/ But anyways welcome here and have a good time!

On of the new Freinds u seek could be me ;) i still have a STORM ;)
Hope its soon going to be :byestorm: