Droid got rained on. almost working again..


Dec 8, 2009
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Pittsburgh, PA
so i was playing baseball earlier at a graduation party and... it started to pour. droid got wet :( it was on and i couuld turn the screen on. but it was like wacky. i dont know if anyone noticed but when the screen gets a little wet. it goes all crazy then you have to go in standby and then back on for it to work again. well. the screen wouldnt work right for about 2 hours and from the beginning the standby button wouldnt work.

now at 5 hours later... the screen is 100% fine. butttt the standby button does not work at all. during a 40 minute care ride i had the vent blowing right on the droid from multiple directions. so i think its pretty dry. and 5 hours later is should be for the most part.. i think... so i dont know what to do. has anyone else had this problem? should i unroot and go back to stock to go to verizon and get a new phone?

the liquid things arent red either. they are white with red x's so i think im good there.


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Jan 23, 2010
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New England
The screen is using your finger as a contact to complete a circuit.

Capacitive sensing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Water is a conductor. It basically was making contacts all over the screen which brought about the wacky behavior you witnessed.

Venting water helps it to evaporate. While the water is gone anything suspended in the water will remain. I'd think rain would be fairly clean.

If the phone continues to not work I'd go the store route.