Droid gmail deletes my internet gmail inbox!


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Dec 30, 2009
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when i read a gmail message on my droid, it removes it from the inbox when i try to access that same email on my computer. how can i get these emails to stay in my gmail inbox? i have looked through all of the settings and havent found anything. please help!
Are you archiving the message on the droid? Gmail on the droid is just a copy of what's on the web. If you aren't explicitly deleting the email, it's still there, just not in the inbox. Try searching for it and see what happens. If you want it to stay in the inbox, don't hit the archive button.
no i am not hitting archive or delete. i just tested it with the notification email i got from this thread. i got the notification on my droid and i read it on there, then i checked my gmail on my computer and it was not there. any other suggestions this is very frustrating!
Gmail Settings -

In Gmail Settings, there is a tab called "Forwarding and POP/IMAP"
Under it in "POP Download" there is an option:
"2. When messages are accessed with POP:"
Try selecting "Keep Gmail's Copy in Inbox" or "Mark Gmail's copy as read."

I had the same problem, mine was set to "Archive Gmail's Copy."

Warning, resetting this causes Thunderbird to re-download a copy of EVERYTHING. Luckily the "Remove Duplicates" function in Tbird works well.

Note: I haven't used this setting for long, so I don't know if I will find it too much of a hassle, having to manually archive my Gmail. Messy inbox. I'm wondering if I set Tbird to IMAP instead of POP, I might be able to find a workable middle ground.

Cheers, JoKing