Droid Email deleting from phone when downloaded to outlook

tim h

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Jul 8, 2010
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Hello all,
been searching for a fix for this issue, cannot find it, forgive me if this has been discussed.

I have two pop email accounts and regularly receive email on my droid. when i finally get back to my desk and download email into my outlook (2007) the email disappears from my droid. it seems that the droid is syncing with both my emails servers instead of just downloading new email. problem is- when out on road i cannot reference email w/o getting out my laptop. verizon gave no help but to call motorola tech support. motorola told me to change outlook settings to "leave email on server" for both accounts. problem is now that my email servers are full all the time and keep bouncing back client email.
my bb storm and 8830 would keep email forever....