Droid Does Racing


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Nov 21, 2009
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charlotte, N.C.
I own and drive the world fastest SRT4 and enjoy having the best of best, I've always been a little envious of the i-phone, But I would never switch to the server. Now I have a phone that surpasses all my wants. I Love the Droid and with the open operating system and momentum the the phone has things can only going to get better and more fun.. DROID DOES! :icon_ banana:
Welcome to the forums. I'm a fellow automotive enthusiast, though obviously with far less tuning skill than you. Love modding my cars for performance, and plan to carry that over to the Droid as I become more comfortable with it.

FYI, I have already contacted the folks at PLX about getting Android support for their performance meter & datalogging software. Planning to contact others as well, just to make sure they all know we're out here & interested.
:motdroidhoriz: Welcome "DSCRACING" to DroidForums :motdroidvert:

I see there is no convincing needed here for you. We are glad to have you here @ DroidForums. We hope you enjoy your time in the Community !!!

Go into the Cars Section and post a little about your car too !!! Ah I see you already did :p