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Jun 15, 2010
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Orlando, FL
Hello, Droid Forum. It's me yet again, 17. ^^;

Well I am getting really accustomed to my Motorola Droid and I've had it for an exact week already. I have downloaded a load of apps, both that have been helpful and kept and some that have been useless and got uninstalled. Overall, I am completely glad with my Droid. It was everything I thought it would be and more, and it's the best phone I've ever had hands-down. =D

I made this thread in hope of maybe finding a few more great apps to install onto my Droid out of current boredom. I also wanted to tell about a few of my favorite apps. =)

Handcent SMS
Handcent is a wonderful app if you're into texting, far better than the pre-installed "Messaging" SMS App. It is full of personal customization and options for the user. ^^

This is a great app, in my opinion. I always have long, obnoxious passwords that I typically forget so this is a place where I can store my passwords in a password-protected-"vault". =)

First, I had AK Notepad but I found ColorNote, which I believe is better. ColorNote can create both notes and checklists all in one app. =)

Manga Browser
I love manga and this is my favorite manga-viewer so far that I've used. It uses both 1000Manga and OneManga as it's sources and has many different manga I enjoy. It's free, which is better than $8 a book. >.< LOL

Class Buddy
Lastly, I am a highschool student and this app helps me stay organized. You can list your grades and all your classes for the semester. It's a good app if you're in either highschool or college. ^^

Now, I'd like to hear about some of your favorite/useful apps. =)


May 27, 2010
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There is a thread for this already...try posting in that one. I'll dig up the link in a few. Also there are a ton of apps in that thread that I even used when I first got it.


Thanks for good list. But I wondering that can I install both of Android OS with other OS in same PC ?