Droid app that allows 720p capture & zoom?


Nov 22, 2009
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Colorado, USA
There was some talk a while back about a developer creating an app that would allow video capture on the Droid at 720p. I always thought it was hardware limited but a few people seemed to think it could be done via software and had already been done on other devices. Curious if anyone knows of an app that does this and one that allows for zoom & enabling the LED during video recording?
like you, i think this would be hardware limited. i don't see the droid taking 720p video honestly...
Did anyone confirm that the sensor in the camera was capable of these things or was it all speculation?
I would just like to know if there are any camcorder apps other than the default one that comes on the DROID. I would love to have something that works better and has better options.
2.2 has big improvements in the camera department.. just be patient, or root.
I feel like 720p would be possible with the droid camera. i dunno. any lateral moto droid phones that currently have 720p enabled? Seems like a bunch of low end HTC phones gained the ability.
any news on this? didn't the milestone1's update come with 720p video?

doesn't the droid2 have the same sensor as the droid1?

720p video would be great.