Droid 3 Rooting problems...


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Aug 26, 2010
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Hi all,
This is my second droid I had the original Droid and just upgraded to the Droid 3. With my first one, I was late to the rooting party, so I had the sweet luxury of using one touch root. Simple, easy, had another rom running with a new theme in just about an hour.

However, when I got the D3, of course, there was not root process discovered yet. So, I waited and checked on the site from time to time watching for updates on Rooting our phones. When the manual rooting process got posted, I decided this was the perfect opportunity for me to get aquainted with SDK and ADB. I was wanting to start using it anyway, so here was a set of step by step instructions that got me on my way.

Using the manual Root process found here (posted by Woodyman), I found that Rooting was no problem at all. Got to the end, rebooted, and had my oh so desired "#".:)
The next step was to push two files, provided by Woodyman, to the phone, from my desktop. This is where my problem arose... I kept getting "adb: not found" error. Now, I have some, but not a lot of, experience with file mapping, so perhaps this was my issue. I tried every way I could think to map to the files on my desktop. I think my problem arises from the fact that I am using Big Brother-aka Windows, and woodyman was using one of the other platforms.

So, I was hoping someone could give me some help with this part... I am sure it is just a mapping issue, but I don't know for sure because this is my first time using adb.

BTW, I did end up using the new one touch method, but still want to learn about ADB so I can use it in the future.

Thanks All