Droid 3.5mm jack volume too low?


Nov 6, 2009
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The external speaker is great, but the 3.5mm jack dB output is weak. Forget using headphones above 16ohms or if the MP3 you are listening too was mixed with a low dB level.

I tried MP3's at 95 dB as well, which were a little better. Kind of lame to have to max out the volume. This results in a poor audio gain curve.

Wonder if this is a FW fix or are Droid users stuck?

Tried 13ohm Ultimate Ears and 16ohm V-Moda Vibes. 13ohms were a tad louder, but still not good enough for lower dB level tracks.

MP3Gain only helps so much. Need more volume through Droid 3.5mm jack.
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idk man, ive got a pair of DT-770 pros, and they are 80ohm rating, ive also got a pair of jvs "marshmelllows" and those are at 14ohm, the in ear shmellows are of course louder, not only are they in ear, but they are a lower ohm rating,
HOWEVER the droid is NO bit quiter then any other portable device, with any headphones ive tried, and i LOVE my 770's
ill be getting some new cans soon, more headphone testimonials soon :D
Sorry to tell you but you need better headphones. The Droid seemsas loud as any other portable device. Spend at least 40-60 bucks on high quality in ear headphones and you will notice a difference.

Good luck waiting on a firmware update with a sound booster. That could take forever if its even added. Your best bet really is to buy a high quality headset. Those ones under 20 bucks you find at Walmart or target just wont give the quality your looking for.

This is based on experience of using portable players on the bus for 4 years going to and from my high-school.

Its just like a car sound system. The speakers can make a worlds difference even if you don't change the radio/headunit.

I tried my Droid with a cheap pair of headphones and it worked decent considering they were cheap. I also hooked it up to my car with an FM transmitter and the volume was more than enough.

So my reccomendation is a pair of high quality headphones to solve your problem.

If that doesn't work, then run your mp3 files through a mixer on the PC and Jack the volume up.