Droid 2 Unlocking Phone Lag


Jul 13, 2011
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I have had an issue with my phone lately that causes tons of lag whenever I go to unlock my screen. It turns the screen on, but very dim, the lowest setting. And it will not register any screen presses. It will just sit there for 30 seconds until it goes to black screen again automatically since it thinks I haven't given it touch screen input. I can override by opening and closing the screen then waiting about 10 seconds and it will give me the full brightness again and then the phone acts like normal, with no lag. I was having lag issues with my droid a while back and did a data wipe and it was behaving just fine with just a few apps installed that I needed. But now the lag is back I uninstalled every single app and rolled back all factory apps to factory version, no updates and i'm still having the lag. This phone is basically factory new, except for the SD card. The phone is rooted and Android 2.2