Droid 2 Global corporate sync issue


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Dec 8, 2010
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New user, just got phone Friday. Company converting all users off BBerry.
Got the phone set-up, sync to corporate e-mail, calendar, contacts all ok. Also get Gmail ok. Worked good forst 5 days....

Today I went to check corporate email, press the icon, goes to email screen and starts to sync/refresh (red circle in upper corner lights).... And after 3 seconds I am back to the main screen, the app stopped.

Re-booted phone once and e-mail then worked ok again. Then tonight same issue again and re-booting 3x, no change. Still can't get corporate e-mail.

Corporate calendar works/syncs. Same with contacts. GMail works fine, no issue refreshing. Just corporate e-mail app.

Same result whether I use WiFi or 3G.
If I go to airplane mode (no wireless) I can open the e-mail App and it stays open, gives me message "no data connection".

Any ideas .... ??????????????????????