Droid 2/exchange 2003 sync help


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Aug 23, 2010
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I have been able to add my corporate exchange server account to my Droid 2. Although I can see the account, the emails are not showing up and I cannot see my calendar. FYI - I am not trying to sync contacts at this point.

I double checked that the calendar is indeed viewable in the calendar setting. The exchange server program is 2003. Anyone have any ideas?

Please help. Thanksdancedroid
I have a Droid and my Exchange is 2007 so my thoughts may not apply.

Out of the box, my Droid had two email apps. Gmail and Corporate (icon is envelop with gold paper and @ symbol). For day one, I've used what I call Corporate app to send/receive and read my Exchange email. Except for being able to accept/reject meeting invitations, my calendar worked fine.

Make sure you have the correct ports and SSL settings in place. If you are able to access your Exchange on your computer compare the settings.
Hope this is helpful.
Droid 2 help

Everything is working now....thanks!
Excellent! It would/may be helpful for others and future reference if you would be kind enough to share how you resolved.

Verification always helps

Your suggestion to "go back and check" some items did the trick this time. It turns out that my IT guy gave me the wrong exchange server address. Quite simple in the end.