Downloading over Wifi


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May 22, 2011
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Hey Everybody,

Thanks for providing a platform for me to post my issue that I have with my droid not being able to download over wifi.

I purchased my Samsung Continuum about a month ago and at first everything was working just peachy. Until about a week or so ago. All of a sudden when connected to my wifi, market won't download any apps (download paused), can't play youtube (app) videos and other larger chunks of data (pictures, pdf's etc.) can't be downloaded over wifi anymore.

I have tried just about everything I could find googling this issue but to no avail. Let me post my 'troubleshooting history'.

* Switched from Wifi to 3G(1X) and back, no resolution
* Reset phone to factory default, no resolution
* Logged out and back in to Google Talk, no resolution
* Reset my wireless router and completely reconfigured wifi, no resolution
* Made router unsecured, no resolution
* Erased/Formatted external SD card, no resolution
* Cleared all caches from all apps, even after resetting phone, no resolution.

To be clear, if on wifi, my phone will surf the internet, open facebook, even open market and display content. It will just not :

* download apps from market (download paused and will never continue)
* play youtube videos
* display certain pictures on facebook.

My 3G is very flaky where I live (rural) and I largely will have to depend on wifi to be able to really enjoy my android phone. Has anybody run into this type of issue? My wife has a Droid Eris and she has the same issue. I'm thinking something must have happened to my router or something but I am baffled how this could have happened all of a sudden. Very very annoying.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your input!