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Oct 6, 2011
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Of the many social networks you can use Google+ may be the third on your list. If you are a super Android/Google fan it might be the first on your list, but for most it falls just behind Twitter and Facebook. If you are into Roms and Themes however you will find much more information from the developers on Google+. This is what i use G+ for most. Other than Rom and Theme devs you will also find security experts like Chainfire who have insight on the latest root methods. You won't find many differences in the interface of the Android app. The main difference here is in the appearance of the app. These visual changes are incredibly slight. Basically the text has gone from dark grey to light grey. The update should be rolling out in short order, but if you need to be on the bleeding edge you can download the apk now. Head to the link below for the update.

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Jonny Kansas

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Jan 21, 2010
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You pretty much nailed G+ for me. It's always been behind Twitter for me, which is sad because I hardly use Twitter either. I mainly used G+ to keep in touch with people I met during the days of Google Buzz and for the occasional contest signup.

Now that I have the G watch, I've joined some communities though and I find myself checking in to G+ a LOT more for new watches faces, apps, and news about Android Wear.

I'll wait for this update to roll out. I'd really like to see them revamp some of the navigation within the app. It's hard to get around in there and find exactly what I'm looking for. That could just be because I'm so used to Twitter being straight-forward and Facebook being my main social network, but I've heard complaints from a friend that bounces between android and ios and he says that the fruity version of the app is much more appealing to use.