Download: DROID X Boot Animation


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Download: DROID X Boot Animation

On 06.24.10, In News, by Kellex

More Droid X goodies! (Multi-touch keyboard and Wallpapers.) This time, one of our readers pointed out the new boot animation from the Droid X system dump that’s floating around and gave some quick instructions on how anyone (both rooted and non-rooted) can install it. Check out the quick video of it in action and then follow up with the instructions. I love system dumps.

Oh, and yes, this should work on both the Motorola Droid and Droid Incredible.

Video action…

[video=youtube;gTcIeF5oKAo]"]YouTube - DROID X Boot Animation Ported to DROID Incredible[/video]

Download: (alt link)
*Note 1* – Need to have the Android SDK installed. Instructions here.
*Note 2* – If you are rooted, you can just follow these instructions.
1. Open up your Android SDK folder
2. Download the above to your PC and drop it in your SDK\tools folder.
3. In your SDK tools folder, hold SHIFT and right click in a blank area.
4. Select “Open command window here.”
5. Type the following command:
adb push /data/local
6. Once it finishes, reboot your phone and watch the new boot animation in action!
Let me know if you run into issues on any device.

Cheers droiddev! Via comment.
I must say this is amazing on my Droid 1, but it's not the smoothest. It also speeds up booting by a crazy amount compared to the Sapphire Froyo Rom boot animation. dancedroid
Is there anyway to get the DroidX bootup sound with this?
mine isn't working... it only runs the default ANDROID boot animation. I am rooted and have tried both locations and replaced the old one.