Dolphin Browser for Android


Jun 11, 2010
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Dolphin Browser gives you a better Mobile Internet experience (Like Firefox Mobile). Features: Gesture, Sync Google bookmark, Download YouTubevideos, Multi touch 4 DROID, Hero cyanogen*, Save cache 2 SD, Tab view, Theme pack support. Tips: Hold BACK to exit and quit & clear cache entirely.Dolphin Browser is a feature-rich application which will effortlessly supplant your Android phone’s default web-viewing option. Like so many similar programs, it makes use of tabbed browsing rather than the awkward “window upon window” approach favoured by the stock Android web surfing option.

Dolphin Browser for Android is Awesome! There are some features and user experience enhancements offered over the default Android web browser such as; Multi-touch Pinch Zoom like iPhone (*for Android OS 2.0+ phones like the DROID), preconfigured as well as user configurable Gestures (i.e. draw “Z” shape on the screen to close a tab), Tabbed Browsing, Saving Cache to SD Card, easily delete cache and history by holding the Back button, download YouTube videos, mark as Read it Later, Share Page options, and Themes.

When Android debuted we wrote a popular guide on how to save YouTube videos on your Android phone without a computer while on the go. Then Sirius Applications came along and developed an app for that, now Dolphin Browser gives this capability away much easier and for Free! Simply browser a YouTube video, select the video and options to download in Dolphin Browser (or watch in native YouTube application) appear. You can find the video on your SD Card under “download” folder.

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Jul 8, 2010
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I just started using Dolphin HD 4

I LOVE the Gestures.... So much easier than stock!

And faster I think.