Does this story pertain to the Droid phone?

idk if we are getting it but it would be nice. sprint and att both have mobile tv, so why can't we have it?
does this mean that we WILL or WILL NOT have access to the new NFL lineup that Verizon just inked with the NFL??

Not having access would SUCK! :icon_evil:
Do you think the Verizon store will become as big as the Apple App Store? Didn't know if those apps will also carry over to the android market.
This is why Verizon is such an annoying company. They advertised their App Store (even going as far as pushing it on their commercials) when they released the LG EnV Touch...I bought that phone. I'm so glad that Verizon is simply my phone provider now and I can rely on third parties to release apps to me.
A few people in this thread should click on the link. It refers to the VCast App Store (not the same as VCast).
I am not sure if this is the same thing, but in the market i have seen a verizon section with what appears to be SOME vcast apps
No i highly doubt droid will be included in the VCast App Store. We have our own app market and probably have everything that the VCast app store will be getting only from better developers and better layouts. Its going to be hard to create an App Store that will work with the many different phone companies and models. (i.e. LG, Motorola, Samsung)
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