Does the 512mb of RAM affect the ability of the Motorola Droid?


Nov 13, 2009
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I've heard/read that the Motorola Droid only has 512mb of RAM and a 16gb storage device.

Is this correct? Was this a good/bad idea?

Does this have a negative effect for the owner and how does this effect the Droid if you were to compare it to the Iphone 3gs and it's storage...?

I may be stating the terms improperly but if you understand the principle of the questions, that is what is important. Is this 512mb thing a bad idea? Should have it been more?

Your comments please?
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well.... on a fresh boot with no apps running i get about 125MB used which is 55% of avail memory. i havent tried to overload it with open apps, i will though to see how it runs still, but honestly i think they should of bumped it up to adleast 768 of memory.
Hey, well i never read about RAM size by now. but on my STORM i only have like 50MB Ram anyways. and for the SD card...well u can run "Damn Small Linux" (DSL) on a 256MB usb why not a bit bigger one on 16GB ? ^^

I think having an ARM processor and enuf ram should set the phone ready to be an iBeast slayer i think. but gotta research on that 512mb ram it sounds lill high to my old ears!

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Dont worry about it. The performance of the device wont be an issue, It really is just the amount of space you have for apps. Out of the 512mb ~256mb are used for the android os and the rest is free for app storage. Once the droid gets rooted (Search the forums to find out what that is) then you can install an app that will let you put apps on the external 16gb card if ou choose, there are risks to doing that.

** Tech note, sure once you max out the 512mb I'm sure there might be a small performance hit just like in any computer system that has a full root partition, but for the laman lets just go with "not an issue" **
Supposedly Google is working on a official fix that will allow you to install apps directly on the SD card. This is a going to be required given that with all the Droid phones being sold, the MarketPlace is going to get a lot more developers and as a result, people will install more apps and need the extra storage.

There is only 256MB or RAM and there is 512 is ROM, although it's not really read only..

I have a good amount of APPS installed and have 156MB or ROM free..
Can you translate what you said into simple, non computer geek language please? I can't understand what you are saying.

LoL so sorry..sometimes working in IT and admin stuff every day makes me forget the "normal user"

What i just said was, RAM will be enough i think and the 16GB SD card should be ok!

Dont worry man :icon_ banana: