Document Encryption app?


Jul 6, 2010
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I am looking for an app that will allow me to store a document on the sd card encrypted so that if my phone is ever lost/stolen the document will not be available. I would need an app to read the doc and prompt for a password each time I open it.

If I could store the doc in internal memory that would also work, but so far I havent found a way to do that.

Any suggestions?

File Magic is a new just released free file manager that includes the option to encrypt files and entire folders. It looks like it only works on the sd card though.

To store anything on internal memory, you would need to be rooted, and use an app like Root Explorer to move files between internal and sd card storage.
Actually File Magic will explore internal memory as well, as long as you're rooted. Pretty cool app, made by the guy that makes Tasker. Should check it out.