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Mar 18, 2010
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i have the verizon/moto droid....im not sure what happened to it but when i play games such as robo defense the menu screen loads fine but when i get to actual game play the levels load weird...

-the robots come out slightly above the opening they are saposed to
-i can only see about half of the screen..the left half.... i cannot see the exit which the robots are trying to goto
- i cannot scroll left or right to view the levels map.. the scroll up and down moves slightly but the bottom of the map is cut off and so is the right hand side its just black
-the available play screen is not slightly smaller then my actuall screen the cut off from map to black is just to the left edge of the heart...which i can still see
-also the pause play and tower buttons are visible
ive tryed other maps on the game and they all load the same.
other games such idemolished, dopewars, load fine

torect seems to have an issue with screen also
and so did some frozen bubble burst game which i dont remember

-- ive tryed
-uninstalling and reinstalling
-turning the phone off
-pulling the battery

thank you for your time..i hope this is enough info
please help

*edit*- problem started on stock but I have rooted it since but no mods
-also the game worked fine when I first started it but after a day or so of gameplay the screen/display problem occured
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