Dialing Issues, Plz Help


Dec 2, 2009
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Hey all,

So recently I've been experiencing some issues with dialing calls. When I go to type in the number on the dial pad, it is silent and then when I hit send the call goes through, but I can't hear anything, not even ringing. I've checked to make sure the volume is up and that mute is off. If I switch to speaker phone, I can hear the call, but once I switch back, its silent again.

The only way to fix this is to power up the phone again which can get very annoying. Any thoughts?
Just a shot in the dark but sounds like it might be a programming issue in your phone. Have you wiped it back to factory to see if that clears up the issue? I am a Cell phone jockey and me and my co-worker both have Droids and this is all we can think of. It might end up being a warrenty issue.
Well its odd because I just exchanged it for a new one two days ago. My old one was having the same issues (although not the main reason I exchanged) and just this morning I tried making a call on the newly acquired one and its the same story.
*228, option 1 let it reprogram and see if that works....
So after hitting send to make the call, you are pressing the volume rocker to make sure it is all the way up? If you hit the volume rocker before sending the call, it will only increase the ringer volume.