Deodexed or Not..............


Feb 23, 2010
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Boiling Springs,SC
Here is my dilemma, I have tried almost every build of Froyo that has been leaked and they all break my native camera app, (pink/purple pics and video). If you have been around any of the top forums you have heard of this. My Droid runs any 2.1 rom without the camera issue. Getting to the bottom of this is of the utmost importance to me since I am a little OC and a very determined Droid user who loves to have his camera working. Anyway, I ran across a build that works on my Droid, the FRF84b leak which has not been deodexed. I usually run Ultimate Droid roms but due to the Froyo issue on my Droid I can no longer do that. This is my idea, can I take the CameraGoogle.apk and the CameraGoogle.odex and drop it into the system/apps folder and possibly fix the issue or does a deodexed build have more done to it and will not work. I tried taking the CameraGoogle.apk and replacing the one in UD's rom but when I did that my Camera icon no longer showed up and the camera button no longer worked but that was before I came up with the deodex idea. Am I on the wrong track or do you think it will work. I am tired of going thru the trouble of flashing roms that break my camera. The FRF84b stock that I am running now works good but I want more. Stock kinda sucks!! Thanks,