delete entire music library


Nov 18, 2009
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I was just loading my music thru WMP onto my droid. i only wanted to sync a handful of songs but it ended up loading everything i had on WMP. I would like to delete the whole library and reload using MML. can anyone tell me how to delete my entire library. thanks
i've never used MML, but if you mount the device and open the folder that MML put your music into, you should be able to select all and delete just like any other mass storage device.
thanks Sam but i loaded my library from my WMP, not from MML, onto my droid that actually contained more instructional material than songs. i've since installed MML on my laptop and am going to try to load my music library from rhapsody onto my droid but first i want to delete the material from WMP. i did go back to WMP and i think i can delete what i put on the droid from there. i don't know why it loaded my entire library to begin with. i set up a sync list and thought i was only loading 15 songs. thanks again for the help though
I managed to get everything deleted off the droid using WMP. now if i can only learn how to load from rhapsody...