default facebook app


Apr 12, 2010
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I saw a video on youtube of somebody using the default facebook app on the motorola droid and when they clicked the menu button they got all these options like upload pic, take picture, etc. when i click the menu button from any page all i get is 'refresh' and sometimes 'home'

i have tried uninstalling and re-installing, still same. this is the Facebook for Android app. not a third party one.

how come i dont see the options to upload pictures or whatever? i know the app has to do more than appearantly i can do.
What does the app look like when you press the shortcut for it?

When I call it up, the first page shows six different choices: News Feed, Friends, Photos, Take Photo, Profile, Notifications.

I haven't updated the app, it's just what came with the phone.
when you first open the facebook app that should be the first window that pops up.

if it goes to your profile, just hit the back button and you'll be at that menu.