Dead G1 [This is off-topic, right...?]

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Jan 21, 2010
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So, I wanted to check my G1 and make sure that I didn't miss any apps that I had previously installed on it now that I've got the Droid...

I haven't used it since this summer, as I moved to an area that T-mobile doesn't exist in, and I'm pretty sure I just left it on and let the battery die. [Didn't want to leave a charge in the battery for fear that would cause an issue].

However, now, no matter how long I have it plugged in, the sucker won't come on. No LED, nothing. I checked the battery connections and they all look good.

Didn't know if there's a special way to get this little guy on so I can improve my Droid experience by using some familiar apps [Sure, it's probably too late now anyway, as I've had the Droid long enough to be happy and comfortable with it for quite some time.]

If anyone's got any suggestions [I'm not going to buy a new battery just to check out my old apps...], please let me know!
try another micro usb cable. i had an issue like yours. sure enough it was the cable.
try another micro usb cable. i had an issue like yours. sure enough it was the cable.

I've tried the micro USB and the Charger [They were separate back in the early days of Android...Haha!] I think my cousin/roommate has a newer micro usb hanging around that's compatible though...I'll have to give 'er a try.

Thanks for the idea!
It's been plugged in to the different USB cable for almost 10 minutes. No signs of life...

check for dirt/dust in the usb port, make sure battery has got a good connection to the terminals. if all looks good, borrow a battery from a friend. if that doesnt work

its nice decoration
Oh well...Not a BIG deal. Just wanted to reminisce a little. Haha! I WILL keep it plugged in over night though just for giggles...