Data/3G Messed up! Need Help!

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Aug 3, 2010
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Yes, I've had my Droid for not even a week now, and just today [August 2, 2010] it has been having problems. First it said I had no service, so I called the tech support for help, and they somewhat fixed it, but now the internet does not work, the 3G symbol is not on the top anymore. I deleted a lot of my apps, all I have are basic ones now. I called the tech support back, they fixed it, but not even an hour later the internet was not working again. I really do not want to Factory Restore it, so if you could please give other options, that wouls be really great.
p.s. I have already tried the *228 bit option 1 and 2. I've tried shutting it down and taking off the battery for a bit, and I
ve tried turning airplane mode on and off.