D1 to Droid X app issue


Nov 12, 2009
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I upgraded to the Droid X today. I was assuming that my apps would sync up with my X once I set up my Google account, but only the paid ones showed up. Is there a trick? or do they just not transfer over?? THanks in advance!!
They don't transfer. Use AppBrain if you want something like that.

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Did you have your apps backed up on astro on your first droid...If so download astro to x and you should may able to pull up the list and reinstall...not sure...only way I would know how to get the list back...you always have to reinstall unpaid apps and google doesn't remember those.... only remembers the paid ones...astro is great for backing up apps list on your new phone in case you would ever have to do a factory reset. otherwise pecil and paper and write em all down for reinstall...lol old school way