CyanogenMod 6 RC1 released, Let's you have your FroYo in style


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Nov 6, 2009
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Many in the Android community, including myself, have been patiently waiting for Cyanogen, Koush and the rest of the CM developers to crank out a stable release of CM6 (an AOSP-based FroYo ROM). Don't get me wrong; alphas and nightly builds were being released on a regular basis, and the reaction from the community to them had been quite positive. However, today is a monumental day in the Android community, as the Release Candidate has finally arrived for CM6. What does this mean? A mostly-stable release, and you know nothing gets Cyanogen's seal of approval easily. CM 6 has been in the works ever since June 23, the day 2.2 hit AOSP, and dozens of developers have been working tirelessly to get CM6 to this point. So, I urge you to check out the latest and greatest from Cyanogen, Koush and the rest of the Android team. CM6 Release Candidates have also been released for the Nexus One, Dream, and Magic, and we expect it soon on the Evo 4G, Incredible, and even the G1. Grab it on ROM Manager now! Alternate Download Link here

With CM6 RC1 comes a 800Mhz kernel by default. If you're looking for a different speeds (up to 1200Mhz), may I recommend jdlfg's kernels (which are v.32.2.1 kernels specific to CM6). You may also find these kernels on ROM Manager, in jdlfg's section.

From CyanogenMod:
This is an AOSP-based build with extra contributions from many people which you can use without any type of Google applications. I found a link from some other project that can be used to restore the Google parts, which can be found below or elsewhere in the thread. I've still included the various hardware-specific code, which seems to be slowly being open-sourced anyway.

Visit the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes and features!

All source code is available at the CyanogenMod Github! Send pull requests with your changes!

Download/install via Rom Manager(under cyanogenmod). Coming from CM a wipe shouldn't be necessary, but it never hurts. Coming from a non-CM rom wiping is definitely recommended.
Here's the CM6 Changelog:

  • ANDROID: Google, HTC, Qualcomm, and everybody else. We <3 U
  • Common: Deskclock extra settings - cyanogen, mtwebster
  • Common: ADWLauncher 0.9 - Ander Webbs
  • Common: Music app enhancements - Eliot Stocker
  • Common: Phone mod V.30.1 - cytown
  • Common: WyContacts 1.2 - Wysie (port to Froyo by Sileht)
  • Common: Superuser 2.2.2 - Adam Shanks (ChainsDD)
  • Common: MMS enhancements from Ruqqq, Takuo Kitame, Jef Oliver
  • Common: Improved RTL text rendering - David Kohen, Omri Baumer
  • Common: Themable user interface elements - Wysie, bcrook, jeagoss
  • Common: FLAC playback support - Kenny Root, Cyanogen, Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Lockscreen enhancements - Wysie
  • Common: Long-press home options - Wysie, bcrook
  • Common: OpenVPN support - James Bottomley, Takuo Kitame
  • Common: Br0tips - Kmobs
  • Common: Browser incognito mode - Optedoblivion
  • Common: Zipalign on install (if needed) + system dex cache to /cache - Cyanogen/Chris Soyars
  • Common: Customizable Nexus LWP - Chris Soyars/Cyanogen
  • Common: JIT toggle, configurable heapsize, compcache supprt - Cyanogen
  • Common: Adjustable haptic feedback - Michael Webster
  • Common: Custom wallpapers - jairomeo, prash, SatanR1
  • Common: Battery percentage display - canadiancow, jeagoss
  • Common: Trackball wake, trackball unlock, menu unlock - Jon Boekenoogen/Kmobs
  • Common: Surfaceflinger night mode and effects - Jeff Sharkey
  • Common: Reflow webviews on pinch option - Jonas Larsson
  • Common: Enhanced accelerometer settings - Jonas Larsson
  • Common: A2DP bugfixes - Glenn Maynard
  • Common: Browser fullscreen mode and other enhancements - Wysie
  • Common: Translations: Takuo Kitame, Matthias Büchner, Eug89
  • Common: Major build system enhancements by Chris Soyars & Koush
  • Common: Long press volume buttons to skip songs - Jon Boekenoogen
  • Common: Accelerated ARMv7 JPEG decoding - Qualcomm
  • Common: Patch wrangling - Cyanogen, Chris Soyars, Koush
  • Common: Bluetooth HID support - Erin Yueh @ 0xlabs
  • Common: Mouse pointer support - Chih-Wei Huang (android-x86)
  • Common: Configurable install location + allow move any app to external storage - Cyanogen
  • Common: Busybox, nano, and libncurses are now built from source. - cvpcs
  • N1/DS: Kernel 2.6.34 with Pershoot/Kmobs clock settings
  • N1: Maintainer: Cyanogen
  • D/S: Maintainer: Cyanogen
  • D/S: Camera reverse engineering by NCommander & Cyanogen
  • D/S: Kernel patches for stability from Zinx Verituse
  • D/S: MT3G Fender/1.2 support from Zinx Verituse
  • Droid: Maintainer: Koush
  • Hero: Lox (GSM), Darchstar (CDMA)
  • Bravo (Desire): Maintainers: behnaam, Kali-
  • Incredible: Maintainer: Koush
  • Espresso (Slide): Maintainers: Wes Garner, Chris Soyars
After playing with CM6 RC1 for about an hour, all I can say is wow. Truly a redefining experience on my Droid. Give it a run, and let me know what you think. And themers, get to work!

For ClockworkMod users, download CM6 RC1 and Google Apps via Rom Manager.
For SPRecovery users, download CM6 RC1 here (link via Koush). For Google Apps, download here.

Thanks to PDR447 for the tip
Follow the discussion here

Credit to AndroidCentral for the CM logo
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Mar 7, 2010
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Nice I'll have to check it out, BB for some reason isn't working well for me anymore


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Feb 28, 2010
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Downloaded about 30 mins. ago. Still running my tests...seems pretty good so far! Very stable IMO.


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Nov 18, 2009
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iPhone 7+ 256gb
Is it available in sprecovery?


Jun 11, 2010
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Norwalk CA
First time trying CM..
I installed coming from BB v0.4 and did wipe but I lost my market app? should I just wait for an auto app reinstall? also no goggle account sync?


I may have to try this, CM's 2.1 always seemed flawless...dang, why so many good choices? (shut it, that is a good thing!)


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Jan 5, 2010
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Yea +1 on Sprecovery. Also, have the market issues that other froyo roms have been experiencing fixed in this?


Nov 1, 2009
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My market doesn't show all apps and i can't restore some apps from my backup.