Customize Your Quick Setting Tiles With Shortcutter


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Quick Settings Tiles in the notification panel in Android are great for quickly getting to things you need quickly like muting your sound, or activating your flashlight. There are a very limited amount of quick settings tiles that you can enable in stock Android. Shortcutter gives you many more options for Quick Settings Tiles.

Some of the Tiles you can add include:
-Auto Sync
-Next Alarm
-Screen Timeout
-Ring Mode Ring/Silent/Vibrate
-Screen Wake (keep screen awake indefinitely)
-Camera Launch
-Haptic Feedback
-System UI Tuner
-Custom App (open any app from your quick settings)
-Custom URL Tiles (open a URL from quick settings)

Settings For Rooted Users Include:
-Reboot Recovery
-Wifi Calling
-Network Mode
-Location Mode
-Heads Up Notifications
-Ambient Display

Head to the Play Link To grab this neat app.

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